Pray to God even after He gives you what you were praying for.
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I am not perfect, I say and do things because im hurt/mad or even just want attention.. but as i grow up i realize more and more things. i start to have more of a open mind. im still not perfect and will never be, but with mistakes i make i will be better than i was yesterday. >>
I am so much in love with you baby Ochoa

May 28,2014 not only was it my boyfriends birthday , but it was also the day i found out i am pregnant! i can’t wait to hear this baby’s heart beat. i cant even sleep! my reality is finally better than my dreams<3 i promise baby i wont let anything happen to you. i always had dreams about you, and now i am one step closer to seeing your beautiful face. i thank god so much for this blessing. i couldn’t have done this without him. my baby is finally to ready to see his/her mommy & daddy. <3 i love you baby ochoa!

No Judgements

I’ll be turning 20 in June, and by than it would be a week before mine and my loving boyfriend of being one year together. And we are planning to be parents. I will defriend anyone that says what im doing is a mistake. Babies are not mistakes in fact they are Blessings. i have came to realize that, no one will be ready to be parents, but everyone learns and most everyone becomes awesome moms & dads , others better than some. Everyone says its so easy to get pregnant, just have sex. actually its not, Unplanned pregnancy are easy but when you are trying it will take about a year the most if both parents are healthy. i pray to god, that nothing is wrong with nether of us. its been about five months of us trying to get this baby. Just thinking of it makes me so nervous because “what if” something is wrong with us.. mainly what if something is wrong with me. My boyfriend has to remind me every time i have one of my break down or whatever is the case that ” The baby will come, when the baby is ready” my boyfriend is really my light in my ┬ádarkest hours. I love you babe & i love this child i havent even met.



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